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Pine lumber

Obtained from timber grown in sandy terrain, which is why our pine has narrow rings, a delicate color and is excellent to varnish. We also carry square lumber in any size which is used in the production of plywood, construction elements, furniture frames, as well as the frames of wooden homes.
Our pine lumber is available in the following sizes:

  • dry: 25, 50mm in any quality grade
  • wet: any thickness

We also offer pine edge boards – cut wet or dry. To find out more please contact our sales personnel (contact information).


tarcica sosnowa klasa pierwsza
tarcica sosnowa klasa druga
tarcica sosnowa klasa trzecia


Spruce lumber

Produced from raw materials originating from the north of Poland. Due to small knots and lack of resin, spruce lumber is a popular material for construction carpentry. Spruce wood is light and very sturdy, which is why it is becoming more and more popular with upholstered furniture manufacturers.

Spruce lumber is available cut wet or dry. We can cut our lumber to custom sizes, in accordance with our customers’ special orders. To receive more information, please contact our sales department (contact information.)


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swierk obrzynany paczka